Stephen's Top 5 SERPs of 2018

In this blog post I will share my favorite Google SERPs which are currently live as of 12/23/2018 using Incognito Mode w/ "&pws=0", from an IP address in Alabama, which I've influenced in the past year or so.
  1. Keyword: SRE

  2. Ranking URL:
    Current position: 3
    Avg Monthly Searches: 18.1k (from SEMRush)
    Considerations: SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) is very similar to DevOps. It is basically how Google refers to DevOps and there are some indications it could become widely accepted as the "next stage" of DevOps. This blog post ranks well for the keyword "SRE" because it is great content, it is on a great website, and the title structure of "SRE vs DevOps" is perfect for the topic.

    Only Google and Wikipedia are outranking my blog post on this high-volume topic:

  3. Keyword: Gartner Magic Quadrant Cloud

  4. Ranking URL:
    Current position: 1
    Avg Monthly Searches: 390 (from SEMRush)
    Considerations: Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is perhaps the leading research report covering AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other IaaS platforms. Although BMC does not have an IaaS product which could be featured in this Magic Quadrant, the people who are looking for this report are our target prospects. Therefore, getting those people to see BMC's name, website, and logo is desirable. In this case, we've managed to rank #1 for a research report that we aren't featured in.

    #1 in SERP, and #1 in feature box in right rail

  5. Keyword: PaaS

  6. Ranking URL:
    Current position: 4
    Avg Monthly Searches: 18.1k (from SEMRush)
    Considerations: Again using the successful "X vs Y" formula, this blog post ranks for highly competitive keywords. Part of the success of this blog post, like many others, is the smart use of images to drive clicks via Google Image search.

    An image I created for this blog post is in the Featured Snippet, driving a great volume of traffic. This post ranks #1 for dozens of high-volume phrases like "saas vs paas" as well:

  7. Keyword: ITIL V4

  8. Ranking URL:
    Current position: 1
    Avg Monthly Searches: 170 (from SEMRush)
    Considerations: ITIL v4 is the latest version of the ITIL set of IT service management best practices, a brand owned and published by Axelos. ITIL v4 will be the first update to ITIL since 2011. The new update is supposed to launch sometime in early 2019. In order to get ahead of the curve on this up-and-coming topic, I published this post. Including the YouTube embed of the announcement and strong Title tag choice was critical to outranking Axelos for this keyword.

    #1 search result

  9. Keyword: IT Conferences
    Ranking URL:
    Current position: 1
    Avg Monthly Searches: 210 (from SEMRush)
    Considerations: "IT Conferences", although relatively low volume and considerably broad, is a fantastic topic to rank for. This is a long-ranking blog post that gets updated every year, and throughout the year.

    Featured snippet and #1 result:

Honorable Mention