Hi, I'm Stephen@Watts.dev

I live in Birmingham, Alabama and work remotely for BMC Software. Husband of Jessica@Watts.dev

You can learn about me on LinkedIn, download my resume (last updated 9/20/2018) or try to spot me in this mural.

Things that may be of interest

The liquor business

I co-founded Redmont Distilling Company and exited the company in 2017. In my time with Redmont we were the #1 (by ABC sales) Alabama-produced Vodka and Gin, and we won numerous awards including "Alabama Distillery of the Year".

Will I consult on your web/marketing project?

Perhaps. Send me an email: stephen@watts.dev

Types of things I'm working on

I do marketing, often on the web.

I won the 2016 US Search Award for Best Low Budget Campaign, for SEO work around ITIL.

I helped launch Healthy Living Made Simple, the most widely distributed health and wellness magazine in the US.

I developed an innovative (for 2011) QR-based mobile web experience for Sam's Club's private label Simply Right brand, which was used in-store nationwide.

I spent a decade helping Dr. Louis Ignarro, 1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, manage his personal brand on social media, develop websites, publish books, manage e-commerce on Amazon and private websites.

I've been known to help Google with their own SEO.

My undergraduate degree is in Philosophy from Auburn University, and I'm currently progressing through The University of Colorado Denver's MS in Information Systems program.

I was once described as a "an especially friendly local" by The Washington Times.

I publish mostly on BMC Blogs, but also on Search Engine Journal, CIO.com, ITSM.Tools, IT Chronicles, DZone, CompTIA, and LinkedIn.

Some of the blog posts I've written:

Some of the websites I've worked on or consulted for:

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